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Brattleboro Portable Storage offers Shipping Containers For Schools as a safe and weatherproof solution for materials and supplies during renovations or as overflow storage.


Shipping containers for Schools offer numerous benefits for overflow storage in schools. These versatile structures provide a clean, safe, and weathertight storage solution for schools facing storage challenges. When schools have limited space and need additional storage for various purposes, such as storing equipment, supplies, or furniture, shipping containers come to the rescue. These shipping containers can be easily transported and placed on school premises, providing a convenient and secure storage option. Moreover, during renovation or improvement projects, shipping containers can serve as temporary storage spaces, protecting valuable items from damage and ensuring they remain organized and accessible. With their durable construction, shipping containers offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for schools in need of extra storage capacity.



Secure and Versatile Storage Solutions for Schools with Shipping Containers

Cost-effective and secure storage solutions for schools? Look no further than Brattleboro Portable Storage’s durable and spacious shipping containers for schools. They offer a multitude of benefits for schools, including:

  • Classroom overflow: Store seasonal items, educational materials, or project supplies outside the classroom, freeing up valuable space for learning.
  • Athletic equipment: Securely store sports equipment, uniforms, and field maintenance tools, keeping them organized and protected.
  • Arts & crafts supplies: Consolidate art supplies, costumes, and props in a secure container, preventing damage and ensuring easy access.
  • Furniture and technology: Safely store spare furniture, computers, or other technological equipment during renovations or remodels.
  • Documents and records: Create a secure, on-site archive for important school documents and records, ensuring their protection and accessibility.

Brattleboro Portable Storage offers a variety of shipping container sizes to meet the specific needs of your school. Contact us today to learn more about how our storage solutions can help your school save money and stay organized.


Leasing our portable storage containers is simple, and we kindly ask that each agreement meet the minimum one-month duration. However, there is no maximum rental time limit beyond that. We also offer discounts for annual or semi-annual pre-paid rentals, but these are not required. There is a delivery and pick-up fee with each storage container lease.


Upon a successful lease agreement, each portable storage container ordered will be promptly delivered to your location in a clean and empty state — ready to be filled. Completing a lease is equally simple, all we ask is that each previously leased container be made ready for pick-up in a similarly empty state.



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Thank you very much Brattleboro Portable Storage for helping make our move a little less stressful. A lot less really! BPS dropped a container off at our old house right when and where we needed it. They picked it up once we packed it and moved it to our new house. Alas the new house was not ready to move into. No problem our stuff was all safe and sound in the container. We unloaded it when the house was ready, they picked it up and done! Excellent communication, friendly service, fair pricing. BPS is a top notch operation.

Matthew R.

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