Secure and Weathertight Storage for your house or job site.

Brattleboro Portable Storage solutions are perfect for any situation that requires plenty of storage space, but in the convenience of your own yard or jobsite. This makes our portable storage containers a perfect fit for homeowners, contractors, municipalities, manufacturers, and those affiliated with the government or military.

Each portable storage container measures at 20’x8’x8.5′, can hold up three full-size bedrooms worth of equipment, and is guaranteed to be completely weather resistant. This means that, regardless of where your portable storage container sits, your equipment on the inside will remain safe and sound. For many, our portable storage containers are an easy choice when deciding on the perfect storage solution for the job.

Our Containers

Three Container options




Our portable storage containers come with durable wide-body steel alloy doors on either one end or both ends. Containers with one set of doors are our most affordable option, while those with doors on both ends are a premium option. We have found that having the wide-body doors at both ends makes equipment storage and access for multiple people very easy and very convenient. The doors on each container can be secured using new keyed padlocks which are offered for purchase through our office.

Leasing our portable storage containers is simple, and we kindly ask that each agreement meet the minimum one-month duration. However, there is no maximum rental time limit beyond that. We also offer discounts for annual or semi-annual pre-paid rentals, but these are not required. There is a delivery and pick-up fee with each storage container lease.


Upon a successful lease agreement, each portable storage container ordered will be promptly delivered to your location in a clean and empty state — ready to be filled. Completing a lease is equally simple, all we ask is that each previously leased container be made ready for pick-up in a similarly empty state.


Our Process

How it works

Our Shipping Containers provide a very customizable solution for all of your storage needs. Portable Storage, Self Storage & Mobile Office Solutions in Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts.

Long Term On Site Storage

We deliver a container or multiple containers to your location, whether that be your property or jobsite. 

You can use our 20′ or 40′ Shipping Containers as secure, weathertight and rodent proof storage for your belongings for as long as you need. 

Once you no longer need the container, just give us a call and schedule a time for us to pick it up.

Movable Storage

Are you moving your business or belongings from one place to another and want to pack and load your things at your own pace? 

We can deliver a container to your old place for you to load for as long as you want and then transport it for you to your new location. There you can unload and keep the container as long as you want. Just give us a call when you’re ready for us to pick it up.

Temporary Off Site Storage

Do you need some temporary storage space for your things but don’t want to haul it all to a self storage location? We can deliver a container to you for you to load and store your things securely in our yard until you are ready for us to deliver it back to you.

Looking for a different solution?

Give us a call at (802) 254 5155 and we’ll be happy to provide you a fully custom storage solution.


Business solutions

See how we can help your business with secure storage at your business location or job site. 

Real Estate Agents

Declutter your listing and help your clients have a seamless transition into their new home.


Secure and Weathertight storage solutions for your tools and materials on your jobsite.

Schools and Organizations

Overflow Storage for your school and store your materials securely during a renovation project.

Construction Companies

Whether you need one or one hundred. We have the perfect job site storage solution for your next construction project.

Moving Companies

Do you need temporary storage because your warehouses are full? We can help out with secure and weather tight shipping containers.