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Brattleboro Portable Storage offers moving companies a safe and weatherproof solution for overflow storage and onsite temporary storage.

Shipping containers offer numerous benefits as secure, portable, and weathertight storage solutions for moving companies. Firstly, their robust construction ensures excellent security, protecting the contents from theft and damage. Made of strong steel, these containers are difficult to break into, providing peace of mind to both the moving company and their clients. Secondly, their portable nature allows for easy transportation from one location to another. These containers are designed to be lifted and moved using cranes, trucks, or trains, making them highly versatile and suitable for various transportation modes. Lastly, shipping containers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them watertight and resistant to moisture, ensuring that the contents remain safe and dry even during long-distance or international moves. This reliability and durability make shipping containers an ideal choice for moving companies, facilitating the secure and efficient transport of goods.


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Thank you very much Brattleboro Portable Storage for helping make our move a little less stressful. A lot less really! BPS dropped a container off at our old house right when and where we needed it. They picked it up once we packed it and moved it to our new house. Alas the new house was not ready to move into. No problem our stuff was all safe and sound in the container. We unloaded it when the house was ready, they picked it up and done! Excellent communication, friendly service, fair pricing. BPS is a top notch operation.


Matthew R.



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Brattleboro Portable Storage operates in Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts.


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