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Frequently Asked Questions

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about Brattleboro Portable Storage.

Question: What are the dimensions of a 20’ container?

Answer: Our 20’ portable containers or fixed site storage containers are 8’ Wide x 20’ L x 8.5’ High. If you have equipment, vehicles or oversized goods that will be stored in the container, please note the smallest dimensions are the door opening:


Container Dimensions





Door opening in feet

7ft 9in

7ft 6in


Interior dimensions in feet

7ft 9in

7ft 10in

19ft 4in


Exterior dimensions in feet


8ft 6in



Question: How much furniture can you fit in a 20ft container?

Answer: The contents of a 2-3 bedroom house (furniture, televisions, beds, boxes, etc.) will normally fit inside a 20’ container.

Question: Do you have 40’ units or high cube containers?

Answer: No, we only offer 20’ Standard Height containers and 20’ standard height office containers.

Question: How much space do you need to make a delivery?

Answer: The truck requires 65’ in a straight line in order to place your storage container – 20’ of that distance is where your container will be set, the rest is for our tow truck to extend out in front of the container. If you have questions or concerns about your delivery site and whether a container will fit, give us a call!

Question: What kind of truck delivers the container?

Answer: The container is delivered on a tilting flatbed tow truck – the same kind that would pick up your vehicle.

Question: Is there any site preparation necessary for my storge container delivery?

Answer: We need a surface that is fairly level, smooth and firm. We prefer to deliver on pavement, asphalt, cement or gravel, but we can deliver on hard-packed dirt or grass, so long as it is not soft or wet. If ground locations at your location are wet or soft, we will reschedule your delivery unless an alternate dry location can be identified. 

Question: Is the container put directly on the ground?

Answer: We can provide 6”x6”x12” blocks to be set under each corner, or you can provide hardwood timbers to be placed under the container to prevent it from sinking into the ground. The containers can not be set on cement blocks. 

Question: How can I find out if you service my area?

Give us a call! We are always growing, and even if your town isn’t listed on our areas serviced page, we would like to hear from you to see if we can help. We operate only in Vermont, New Hampshire and Western Massachusetts.

Question: Can you relocate my container once I pack it?

Answer: Yes! We can move up to 5,000 pounds of household contents from your current home or delivery site, to your new location – so long as it is in our service area. We can also move your full container back to our Brattleboro yard for interim storage until you decide on your next destination.

Question: Can I pack a storage container at your location then have it moved to my new house when I am ready?

Answer: Yes! As long as you let us know you will need it relocated BEFORE you move into a container at our site, we will be able to deliver it to you later. For example – if you are moving here from out of state and your new house is not ready yet, you can bring your moving truck to our yard in Brattleboro and fill your container. When you’re ready, we can relocate it to your new house.

Question: Can you store my container at your site once I pack it?

Answer: Yes! We offer interim storage at our yard in Brattleboro, VT for your full container. Additional storage fees apply while it is in our care. You can have access to your container while it is in our yard.

Question: Can you ship my container outside your service area?

Answer: No – We do not offer cross-country moving services and we do not currently operate outside of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Question: Can I pick an exact delivery time?

Answer: We can offer a two-hour delivery window for an additional $25 fee. Otherwise, we offer a Morning (8-Noon) or Afternoon (Noon-5) delivery window, dependent on our schedule.

Question: Do I need to be there on the day of delivery?

Answer: We highly recommend that you or a representative are present during the delivery to be sure the container is set correctly to meet your needs. We understand that may not always be possible – if you are not able to meet our delivery driver, the location will need to be well marked and we encourage you to speak directly with our driver by phone on day of delivery to discuss placement.

Question: What happens if I was not present for delivery and the container is not where I wanted it?

Answer: Sometimes with unaccompanied deliveries, the location the customer has selected is not physically suitable for delivery (too steep, wet ground, not enough space to make delivery, etc.). The driver will attempt to contact you by phone, but if they are not able to reach you or there is no service at the location (it happens a lot in Vermont!), they will make an alternate site selection at their professional discretion. If you did not meet the driver at the site and do not like where your container was placed, we can certainly come move it, but there is an additional transport fee for the service. For that reason, we HIGHLY recommend you or a representative meet our driver for delivery to be sure you do not incur additional fees.

Question: Do you deliver in the winter?

Answer: Yes! We provide all transport services year round. In the case of inclement weather, your delivery or transport service may be rescheduled.

Question: What if I want my container picked up in the winter?

Answer: Winter pick-ups in New England can be difficult. You are responsible to keep the snow away from all four sides and on top of the container prior to pick up. The container can be set on blocks to help prevent it from freezing into the ground. If you anticipate a winter pick-up, it is important to remove the snow from all around your container after each snowstorm to help prevent it from freezing in place. Any private drives need to be sufficiently plowed and sanded on the day of pickup. There must be enough space at the site for the truck to maneuver (think: snowbanks!). If your driveway is particularly steep, winding, or narrow – we prefer you plan for a warm weather pick up. Some locations in Vermont are inaccessible to our truck in the winter. At delivery, our driver will notify you if your location is deemed to be unsuitable for winter access so that you can plan accordingly.

Question: What happens if I don’t remove the snow on top of the container before pick up?

Answer: Our driver will remove the snow for you for a $30 fee. We cannot transport containers with the snow on top for safety reasons (i.e: giant snow missile!).

Question: What happens if the truck cannot remove the container because of snow or ice?

Answer: You are responsible to prevent the container from freezing in place if you would like it removed in the winter. If the container is deemed irretrievable due to ice and snow, you will be charged for a second return trip to remove the unit once it is thawed. You will be responsible for paying rental on the unit until it can be removed. Please plan and schedule your transport services accordingly.  

Question: Do you have movers?

Answer: No, but we can give you a great referral. Ask us for recommendations for local services – we’re local, so we know locals!

Question: What is the different between a storage container on your location and a self storage unit?

Answer: Our fixed location storage containers are a higher security, premium option compared to traditional mini storage. In our fixed location storage containers, you do not have to worry about rodent intrusion or dramatic ambient moisture fluctuation as you would with traditional mini storage units. For sensitive, irreplaceable, or high-value goods, we strongly recommend using a fixed site steel storage container rather than a traditional mini-storage unit.

Question: How many locations do you have?

Answer: We have two dispatch locations for our portable storage containers – our original location in Brattleboro, VT, and now a location in White River Junction, VT. We offer fixed-site storage containers at our location in Brattleboro, as well as a 10X30-only self-storage building. We offer a combination of fixed-site storage containers and traditional self-storage units at our facility in West Chesterfield, New Hampshire.

Question: Where is your office located?

Answer: You can find us Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM at: 30 Bradford Drive, Suite #201, Brattleboro VT. Headed North on Putney Road, turn right after the Dunkin Donuts onto Bradford Drive. Proceed through the fence, where you will be greeted by our fixed site shipping containers. Our office is upstairs through the door that is straight ahead, marked Suite #201.

Question: Can I drop off a check or money order payment after hours?

Answer: Yes, we have a secure lockbox just outside our front door. For directions, see “Where is your office located?”

Question: What is a portable storage container used for?

Our portable storage containers are used for on-site storage of household and commercial goods, job site storage, inventory storage, storage while renovating or refinishing floors and they are the best solution you can find if you need affordable, dry storage for a long period of time.

Question: What can I store in my portable storage container?

Answer: Most anything! Most customers use our containers for the storage of household goods, like furniture, books, home décor, and sentimental items. Many businesses use our containers for excess inventory or parts storage. Contractors find them especially useful for job site material and tool storage. We do not permit storage of hazardous or explosive materials, anything illegal, and a few other exceptions – your lease contract will have a full list of what not to put in your container.

Question: What is the minimum amount of time that a storage container, office container, or self storage unit can be leased for? Is there a maximum lease term?

Answer: Brattleboro Portable Storage requires a one month minimum lease term for all rentals; you can return your unit prior to the expiration of the first month, but you will not be prorated receive a refund for any rental less than one month. There is no maximum lease term, some of our customers love their storage rentals so much they have kept them for over 10 years!

Question: Can I stop by to look at a storage container or storage unit before renting?

Answer: Yes you can make an appointment during normal business hours to view our storage containers or self-storage units in person.

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