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The Best Storage Container Rentals in Swanton, VT

Brattleboro Portable Storage offers portable storage container rentals in Swanton and surrounding areas of Vermont, New Hampshire and Western MA.

blue 20 foot single entry portable storage container


Portable storage unit with one entry point, delivered when and where you need it.

blue 20 foot double entry portable storage container


Portable storage unit with two entry points, delivered directly to your home or job site.

Delivery & Pick up fees are additional and vary according to location
One month minimum rental
Taxes may apply according to location

Storage Container Rentals for Homeowners

Brattleboro Portable Storage has the most convenient storage solution for homeowners in Swanton, VT. Our high quality, spacious storage containers offer the storage space you need, in the convenience of your own yard. Whether you’re renovating your home and need a place to store your belongings, construction equipment, or materials, moving or downsizing — whatever your needs —nothing is more convenient than a storage container in your own yard. And no one it better equipped to provide you with that storage container than Brattleboro Portable Storage.

Our portable storage containers measure 20’ Long x 8’ Wide x 8.5’ High and can hold up to three bedrooms worth of furniture! Our storage containers are the most resilient units available – all steel construction keeps your contents safe and dry – you can rest assured that your belongings are protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Portable storage container rentals from Brattleboro Portable Storage are the clear choice for so many homeowners in Swanton, VT—and they should be a clear choice for you, too. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Welcome to Brattleboro Portable Storage, your in-state solution for all storage needs in the heart of Swanton, VT. As a trusted Vermont-based business since 1995, we’ve built intimate knowledge of the seasons, challenging terrain, and weather conditions of the state.

This has allowed us to serve thousands of residents and commercial projects with our tailored, reliable storage solutions. Here’s why Brattleboro Portable Storage stands out in Swanton:

  1. Local Roots, Local Solutions: We noticed the need for storage solutions in Swanton and surrounding areas, and that’s how it all began. Being Vermont locals ourselves, we understand the unique challenges nearby communities face when it comes to storage.
  2. Evolving to Serve You Better: Starting with portable and self-storage units, our services have evolved to meet the growing demands of Swanton. Small business owners in Vermont have reached out to us, leading to the addition of on-site portable storage units and office container rentals to our offerings. We’ve grown with this community and for this community.
  3. Adapting to Swanton’s Growing Needs: Storage needs in Vermont, upper New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts have grown annually over the last decade. Our offerings have been at the forefront, adapting to this growth. This company’s more recent expansion into the Upper Valley of Vermont and Upper Valley of New Hampshire is a testament to our commitment to reaching more nearby businesses and residents. 
  4. Range of Services to Meet Every Need: Whether you’re looking to store personal items or business inventory, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive offerings include:
  • Portable storage units
  • Office container rentals
  • Self-storage units (available only at our Brattleboro, VT, facility)

Our power-packed services cater to the wide-ranging storage needs of Swanton’s residents, ensuring that whatever you’re looking for, Brattleboro Portable Storage has the solution.

  1. Your Rural Delivery Experts: Living in a rural area has its challenges, and we pride ourselves on being experts in rural delivery. Wherever you are in Swanton, our team is ready to deliver your storage container, providing the convenience you need.

Brattleboro Portable Storage is not just a storage service; we’re your neighbors, understanding the rhythm of life in Swanton. With a commitment to quality service, we’re here to unlock storage solutions that perfectly align with the needs of our charming Vermont community.

Wrapping Up

If you’re ready to simplify your storage journey, we’re here for you. Whether you’re moving, renovating, or just need some extra space, Brattleboro Portable Storage is your local partner.

Call us at (802) 254 5155 or send us a message. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect storage solution for your needs!

Storage Container Rentals for Businesses

If your business needs portable storage space, Brattleboro Portable Storage has you covered. We understand the needs of different businesses. Retailers have varying storage needs depending on the time of year, whether it is seasonal overflow or a store renovation, and contractors depend on high quality, weatherproof containers that can withstand the harsh environment of their job sites. Whatever your business’s storage needs, a portable storage container is always a great solution.

What makes our portable storage containers so perfect for businesses in Bellows Falls, VT? Our containers are constructed with all-steel durable, wide-body steel alloy doors. We have options for single-entry and double-entry containers. We always keep storage container rentals affordable. Our double-entry units make equipment storage and access incredibly easy and convenient. Ask about purchasing a keyed padlock to increase the security of your leased container!

grey storage container in VT
portable storage container with all dors open
tan storage container in Brattleboro with doors shut
Tan storage container in VT with an open door

Ready to lease your storage container from Brattleboro Portable Storage?

Our only requirement is that your rental be for a minimum of one month. There is no maximum, so you can lease your equipment for as long as you need. We offer discounts for annual or semi-annually paid rental agreements.

Once your rental agreement is signed, we will deliver your portable storage unit to your home or business. The storage container will be empty, clean and ready for whatever you need to store inside of it. When you’re done with your storage container, please empty it out prior to scheduling a pick-up. Also note, we charge a delivery and pick-up fee for each storage container lease.

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