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Brattleboro Portable Storage offers portable storage container rentals in Keene and surrounding areas of New Hampshire, Vermont and Western MA.

blue 20 foot single entry portable storage container


Portable storage unit with one entry point, delivered when and where you need it.

blue 20 foot double entry portable storage container


Portable storage unit with two entry points, delivered directly to your home or jobsite. 

Delivery & Pick up fees are additional and vary according to location
One month minimum rental
Taxes may apply according to location

Storage Container Rentals for Homeowners

Brattleboro Portable Storage has the best storage solutions for homeowners in Keene, NH. Our high quality, spacious storage containers offer the storage space you need, in the convenience of your own yard. Whatever your needs—whether you are moving, downsizing or renovating your home and need a place to store your belongings, construction equipment, or materials—nothing is more convenient than a storage container in your own yard. And no one it better equipped to provide you with that storage container than Brattleboro Portable Storage.

Our portable storage containers are 160 square feet of storage and measure 20’ Long x 8’ Wide x 8.5’ High, and can hold up to three bedrooms worth of furniture! Our containers are wind and weather-tight and critter proof, so you can rest assured that your belongings are protected from whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Portable storage container rentals from Brattleboro Portable Storage are the best choice for so many homeowners in Keene, NH—and they should be a clear choice for you, too. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Welcome to Brattleboro Portable Storage, Keene, NH’s trusted partner for both residential and commercial storage solutions. With our roots deeply ingrained in the storage industry, our company has been serving communities for years, offering unmatched expertise and commitment to every client we work with.

Keene, known for its vibrant business landscape and close-knit community, has unique storage requirements. Whether it’s a local business needing extra space for inventory or a family undergoing a home renovation, our flexible storage solutions cater to every need, big or small.

Keene has always been more than just one of our areas serviced; it’s a community we’re proud to serve. As the town evolves, so do its storage needs. That’s where our adaptable solutions come into play.

Ever wondered about the features that set our portable storage units apart, especially for the bustling businesses of Keene? Let’s dive deeper into what makes Brattleboro Portable Storage a favorite in this charming town.

Why Businesses In Keene Prefer Brattleboro Portable Storage

Businesses in Keene are known for their dynamic operations, whether they’re quaint local stores or rapidly expanding enterprises. Over time, these businesses face various challenges, one of which is effective space management. This is where Brattleboro Portable Storage becomes an indispensable partner:

  • Customizable Solutions: No two businesses are alike, and we understand that. We offer portable storage in various sizes and configurations, ensuring that every enterprise, from local shops to expansive commercial spaces, finds a perfect fit.
  • Safety First: For any business, the security of their goods is paramount. Our storage containers have industry-standard locking mechanisms and are maintained regularly between rental periods. 
  • Accessibility: Keene’s diverse business landscape often requires immediate access to stored goods. Our Vermont-based facility ensures that NH businesses have just as much access to their items as our more local customers. 
  • Cost-Effective: With growing business expenses, we strive to offer competitive pricing. Our flexible rental plans mean businesses only pay for the space and duration they genuinely require.

The drive behind Keene’s thriving business community is unmistakable. The need for adaptable, secure, and accessible storage solutions becomes more evident as the town’s enterprises continue to flourish.

As we explore the benefits that homeowners can also derive from our services, let’s remember that Brattleboro Portable Storage is here for every storage requirement, commercial or residential.

Residential Storage Solutions: Simplifying Keene Home Projects

Keene’s residents are known for taking immense pride in their homes, often undertaking renovation projects, seasonal decluttering, or simply needing a space during a move. At such times, the home becomes a bustling hub of activities, and space can become a premium.

That’s where our residential storage solutions step in to offer a breather:

  • Versatile Storage Options: Whether it’s family heirlooms, seasonal decorations, or furniture during a renovation, our storage caters to varied needs. Choose from different sizes based on your requirement.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Rentals: Not sure how long you’ll need the storage? No problem! We offer both short-term and long-term rental options, ensuring you don’t commit for more than you require.
  • Conveniently Located: We understand the value of time, especially during home projects. Our containers delivered to your home or job site ensure you can access your belongings whenever you need them.

While businesses in Keene have always recognized the benefits of partnering with Brattleboro Portable Storage, homeowners too are discovering the convenience and peace of mind we bring to their projects.

As we venture further and examine the technical aspects of our storage solutions, it’s evident that our commitment remains consistent, catering to the unique needs of the Keene community.

Commercial Storage Solutions: Empowering Keene’s Businesses

Keene’s vibrant business scene is ever-evolving. From retail stores to construction sites, the need for secure, reliable, and accessible storage is a shared concern across industries. Brattleboro Portable Storage prides itself on understanding the unique demands of Keene’s commercial sector and delivering tailor-made solutions:

  • Inventory Management: Retailers and wholesalers in Keene often grapple with peak seasons and promotional events. Our rentable containers act as the perfect buffer, allowing businesses to stock up in advance without cluttering their primary spaces.
  • Equipment Storage: For the many construction and landscaping businesses in Keene, our portable storage offers a safe haven for their equipment. These containers are not only spacious but are designed to handle the weight and size of heavy-duty machinery.
  • Document Archiving: Legal firms, medical practices, and financial institutions generate volumes of essential paperwork. Our containers ensure these critical documents are preserved without the risk of environmental damage.

Keene’s businesses have been an integral part of its growth story. And as this town continues to flourish, the demands on its businesses will grow too. With Brattleboro Portable Storage at their side, they’re well-equipped to face these challenges head-on.

As we look further into our offerings, we’ll discover how Brattleboro Portable Storage’s dedication goes beyond just storage. We’re committed to adding value to Keene’s businesses, in more ways than one.

Tailored Solutions for Keene’s Unique Needs

Keene’s commercial sector is as diverse as its beautiful landscape. From bustling retailers in Central Square to dynamic start-ups along Winchester Street, the storage needs of every business are unique.

Recognizing this, Brattleboro Portable Storage offers customizable solutions tailored specifically for the Keene commercial environment:

  • Flexible Size Options: Whether you’re a small boutique needing seasonal storage or a large enterprise looking for extensive warehousing space, we’ve got you covered. Choose from multiple container sizes including 20ft and 40ft options.
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Rentals: Have a temporary project in Keene? Or perhaps you’re looking for a long-term storage partner? Our rental agreements are flexible, accommodating your unique timeframes.
  • Easy Scalability: As your business grows, so do your storage needs. With us, you can easily upgrade or downsize your storage space without hassles.

Keene’s businesses deserve a storage partner that understands and caters to their unique requirements. And as the community grows and evolves, so does our commitment to serving it best. As we progress, let’s explore how our services, combined with Keene’s vibrant commercial atmosphere, create a synergy that’s hard to beat.

Residential Portable Storage: Convenience at Your Doorstep

While our commitment to Keene’s commercial sector is unwavering, we haven’t overlooked the equally significant needs of our residential clients. The neighborhoods of Keene, with their charming homes and dynamic community life, often need flexible storage solutions, especially during moves, renovations, or just spring cleaning:

  • Safety First: Our storage containers are designed with security in mind. With sturdy locks and tamper-proof designs, rest easy knowing your belongings are safe.
  • Seasonal Storage: Keene’s seasonal shifts, though beautiful, often come with a host of items – from winter gear to summer patio furniture. Our containers are perfect for keeping seasonal items out of the way, yet easily accessible.
  • Simple Pricing: Budgeting for a home project can be challenging. Our clear and transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, with no hidden fees.

The beauty of Keene lies not just in its scenic landscapes but also in its close-knit community. We’re proud to offer services that enhance the lives of its residents, making everyday tasks a little easier. 

As Keene continues to grow and evolve, so will our promise to serve its people diligently. As you explore further, discover the environmental and sustainability initiatives we’ve undertaken to keep Keene green and beautiful for generations to come.

Our Green Commitment: Sustainable Storage Solutions for Keene

Keene is not just a business hub for us; it’s our home, and we’re deeply rooted in its vibrant community. With every storage unit we deliver and every project we undertake, we’re conscious of our environmental footprint.

Here’s how Brattleboro Portable Storage pledges to keep Keene greener while ensuring top-tier storage solutions:

Efficient Transportation:

  • Regular vehicle maintenance and checks ensure optimal performance, reducing fuel consumption.

As we look ahead, our vision for Brattleboro Portable Storage is not just about expanding our services but ensuring that our growth aligns with the sustainable aspirations of Keene.

In the next section, you’ll learn about how our team, the very heart of our operations, is trained and equipped to handle every storage challenge, all while keeping Keene’s best interests at the forefront.

Meet the Brattleboro Portable Storage Team: Your Local Storage Guardians

Behind every storage container we provide is a team of dedicated professionals who bring their expertise, commitment, and local knowledge to ensure the best storage experience for Keene’s residents and businesses.

Here’s a snapshot of what our team brings to the table:

Local Expertise:

  • Our team is local folks who understand the unique storage needs of the community.
  • We’re constantly tuned into local developments, ensuring our storage solutions evolve with Keene’s changing landscape.

Our team is the backbone of Brattleboro Portable Storage, ensuring every interaction you have with us is seamless, efficient, and pleasant. As we round off our comprehensive guide to our offerings, we’ll explore the simple steps you can take to kickstart your storage journey with us and the unparalleled advantages that await you.

Starting Your Storage Journey: Simple Steps to Secure Space

Navigating the storage realm can be daunting, especially when you’re seeking the perfect fit for specific needs. At Brattleboro Portable Storage, we believe in simplicity and efficiency.

Let’s walk you through the hassle-free process of securing your ideal storage solution in Keene:

Initial Consultation:

  • Reach out to us via phone, email, or our website form. Our responsive team is ready to grasp your storage requirements.
  • Discuss your expected storage duration, the volume of items, and any special requests you might have.

On-Site Evaluation (primarily for commercial clients):

  • For businesses with extensive or specialized storage needs, our experts can visit your site.
  • We assess space requirements, accessibility concerns, and the nature of goods to be stored.

Customized Solution Design:

  • Based on your inputs and our evaluation, we curate a storage solution tailored for you.
  • For commercial clients, this may include larger units.

Delivery and Setup:

  • Once you give us the green light, we transport the storage container to your specified location.
  • Our team ensures it’s set up securely and is ready to store your items safely.

Easy Access and Monitoring:

  • Access your portable storage as per your convenience. 
  • Need to extend the rental period or shift to a bigger container? Just give us a heads-up!

Final Pick-Up:

  • When you’re done, inform us. We’ll handle the unit pick-up, ensuring the site is left clean and undisturbed.

Simplicity is our mantra, and we’re committed to making your storage journey as effortless as possible. Whether you’re a Keene homeowner in need of temporary storage during a move or a business seeking long-term solutions, we’ve got your back. 

In wrapping up our guide, we’ll touch upon the foundational principles that drive Brattleboro Portable Storage and how they translate into tangible benefits for our esteemed patrons.

Brattleboro Portable Storage: The Pillars of Our Commitment

Our legacy in the portable storage industry isn’t built overnight. It’s the result of dedication, customer-centric approaches, and unwavering commitment to quality. As you embark on your storage journey in Keene, NH, consider the core values that set Brattleboro Portable Storage apart:

  • Excellence in Service: Every interaction, from your initial inquiry to the final pick-up, is treated with respect, professionalism, and a genuine desire to assist.
  • Flexible Solutions: We understand that no two storage needs are the same. That’s why our range of offerings is designed to cater to diverse requirements, especially with a keen focus on commercial clientele.
  • Security First: Peace of mind is paramount. Our storage is robust and weather-resistant.

The right storage solution can be transformative, optimizing space and ensuring your possessions—whether personal heirlooms or critical business equipment—are kept safely. As you weigh your options and consider your next steps, remember that at Brattleboro Portable Storage, our containers are more than just space; they’re a promise of quality, commitment, and reliability.

Ready to make space work for you? Request your quote now and let’s begin your seamless storage experience.

Storage Container Rentals for Businesses

If your business needs portable storage space, Brattleboro Portable Storage has you covered. We understand the needs of different businesses. Retailers have varying storage needs depending on the time of year, and contractors depend on high quality, weatherproof containers that can withstand their job sites. Whatever your business’s storage needs, a portable storage container is always the right solution.

What makes our portable storage containers so perfect for businesses in Keene, NH or anywhere you need? Our all steel containers are the most durable you can find – they are impermeable to weather and pests. We have options for single-entry and double-entry containers. We always keep storage container rental rates affordable. Our double-entry units make equipment storage and access incredibly easy and convenient. Ask about purchasing a keyed padlock to increase the security of your leased container!

grey storage container in VT
portable storage container with all dors open
tan storage container in Brattleboro with doors shut
Tan storage container in VT with an open door

Ready to lease your storage container from Brattleboro Portable Storage?

With one easy phone call, your storage container can be on its way. Your unit will be leased on a month-to-month basis. There is no maximum, so you can lease your equipment for as long as you need. We only require a one month minimum rental. We offer discounts for annual or semi-annually paid rental agreements.

Once your rental agreement is signed, we will deliver your portable storage unit to your home or business. The storage container will be empty, clean and ready for whatever you need to store inside of it. When you’re done with your storage container, please empty it out prior to scheduling a pick-up. Also note, we charge a delivery and pick-up fee for each storage container lease.

Self Storage Near Keene, nh

If storing a container in your own yard or business isn’t possible, we also offer self-storage at our facilities in West Chesterfield, NH and Brattleboro, VT. Our self-storage units can accommodate anything from clothes to cars, and everything in between, and are a great option for Keene State College students to store belongings over the summer. Take advantage of our storage units to make more space at your home, office, retail location or job site.

Storage units come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’. If maximum security storage is what you need, you can also rent one of our impenetrable portable storage containers and store it at one of our sites. 

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