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With the New Year just on the horizon, many are planning their New Year’s resolutions.  One of the Top 10 Most Common New Year’s Resolutions is: “get organized”. The holiday season brings abundance, which can also leave you surrounded by clutter. Our portable storage containers are the perfect solution to help you combat the clutter. Here’s how to use a portable storage unit to kick your New Year’s resolution into high gear:

A 20’ storage container can serve as a temporary staging area for your decluttering efforts. You can move items out of your home and into the shipping container. This will free up space in your home and provide immediate relief from clutter. Then, you can take your time sorting through the contents of your storage unit at your convenience. With no maximum lease term, you can keep the unit as long as it takes. We deliver the storage container straight to your home or business. So, you can open your unit any time – no more driving or arranging your schedule around facility hours.

Get Organized

Sort your belongings in to categories, like: keep, toss, donate. To start, toss any items designated as trash. Then, store the items for donation until you are able to bring them to your local Salvation Army or other donation site. Finally, for items you intend to keep, use freestanding shelves inside the storage container. Arrange any items you intend to keep neatly on a shelving unit. This simple system will get you started on the path to organization.

This year, take action towards your New Year’s goal of getting organized. Our steel shipping containers will keep your belongings safe and secure. Our monthly rental rates are lower than any comparable sized self-storage unit and offer unrivaled convenience. A portable storage container is the best gift to give yourself this holiday season.

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